About Us

How can National Adjustment Services get the Policyholder a better settlement?

The professionals at National Adjustment Services maximize benefits in several ways. Our adjusters have a combined experience of more than 40 years in dealing with claims, and we know that most policyholders are not trained in the best ways to estimate the value of their losses. So, we use special inventory techniques to make sure nothing is overlooked. We also value structural losses at current rebuilding costs, not at “discounted” rates. We’ll make sure that policy benefits, such as Additional Living Expenses or Business Interruption, are not forgotten. And, when N.A.S. is your representative, the insurance company knows that it’s dealing with experienced professionals, which generally translates into a larger settlement.

How does National Adjustment Services make sure the claim is settled fast?

Because we deal with insurance companies all the time, National Adjustment Services will expedite your claim and help make sure it’s paid in a timely manner. We know the right terminology, who to talk to in the claims departments, and all the little details of your policy. National Adjustment Services loses no time in obtaining and evaluating the facts and presenting the claim. The more thorough and complete the claim, the faster we can affect a settlement for you. National Adjustment Services helps you get your money faster.

Experience Counts

When you hire N.A.S., you immediately have available:

Structure Estimators
Contents Inventory Specialists
CPA Services
Property Loss Consultants